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What Makes a Good Topic for a Dissertation?

Good Dissertation Topic
Every year when faced with the prospect of having to write a dissertation students spend days (or more) agonizing over the topic they should choose. Even if you already have some ideas as to what topic you’d like to write about, you’re bound to end up asking yourself: Will this be a good topic for a dissertation or not? The best way to answer that question is to first understand what makes a good topic for a dissertation:

It Must Be Relevant to the Subject Matter:
Frankly this should go without saying: Whatever topic you choose should be relevant to the subject that you’re writing the dissertation for. It may intersect with other subject matter as well, but the thesis itself should connect to the subject directly.
It Should Be Original:
It is important to note that an ‘original’ dissertation topic need not necessarily be a ‘new’ dissertation topic. In this case an ‘original’ dissertation topic is something that can either cover new ground, or provides a new perspective on a topic that may have been covered previously.

It Should be Challenging But Answerable:
The topic that you choose should be challenging and complex, so much so it could possibly be answered in a number of ways. However it is crucial that you are able to answer the topic satisfactorily by providing sufficient supporting data – otherwise you won’t fulfill the core goal of your dissertation.

It Must Be Manageable:
In the same way your dissertation topic should be answerable, it needs to be manageable too. Some dissertation topics may require a lot of research and you may not have enough time (or resources) to pursue it adequately. When selecting a topic you need to thoroughly examine how you will be acquiring the data to back your thesis, and whether or not it is possible to do so with the time and resources at hand.

It Should be Something that You’re Interested In:
All too often students end up picking dissertation topics that they feel will score them high marks – despite the fact that they have no real interest in it. A lack of genuine interest can often be crippling when writing a dissertation due to how demanding it can be – and you may very well end up losing interest and focus as a result.

Now that you know what makes a good topic for a dissertation, you should be able to quite easily figure out whether or not yours fits the criteria outlined above. In fact you may even be able to improve upon the topic you’ve selected by narrowing it down, altering the focus of your thesis, or tweaking it in some other way to make it better. Assuming you feel you’ve hit a dead end you could head over to Dissertation-topics.n to get some inspiration. With the ideas that they provide for dissertation topics, you should be able to get on the right track and may even want to look into the services they offer to help further.

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