Sunday, August 26, 2018

Challenges Faced By Working Women With Home And Family Responsibilities

It is a preset concept that most of the families suffer a lot if their women work outside of the home. That’s why most of the families try to force the women to leave their jobs for the sake of their families and pressure from the peers. There are also some women who have to work in order to bear their household expenses. Anyhow, the working women face a lot of challenges due to their home and family responsibilities. If you don’t have enough idea about the challenges that are faced by the working women, then you can get help from academic writing services. The most common challenges that are faced by the working women with home and family responsibilities are given below; 

1) Balancing work and personal life

For the working women, it is an exhausting task to juggle between the personal and professional life. Its reason is that there are different demands of the working place and home. It is necessary for a woman to fulfil all of these demands. As a working woman, it is required to fulfil all the demands of your home rather than workplace responsibilities and demands. Moreover, it is also a difficult task for a working woman to working as a worker in an office and as a cook in the home.

2) Husband’s insecurities

For the married working women, you will have to deal with the insecurities of your husband. If your husband is against your job, then it is hard for you to deal with the insecurities of your husband. On the other hand, if your husband is supportive, then it is also necessary for you to deal with all the insecurities of your husband. On the other hand, it is a common thinking among a lot of societies that a man is a breadwinner. Due to this reason, a husband can’t bear the achievements and success of her wife.

3) The importance of quality child care

For a working woman, it is also a challenge to take care of their children. For this reason, it is necessary for a working woman to hire a child care. A quality childcare can be expensive. After hiring a childcare, a mother will also feel a lot of insecurities about their children. Due to these insecurities, there is a possibility that she will not be able to perform her job by paying enough attention and concentration. Moreover, a child care can’t look after the children like a mother.

4) Conflicts

A woman also faces a lot of conflicts relevant to her work. In some families, the main cause of these conflicts is that their women don’t like to work. On the other hand, there are also some families in which the main cause of these conflicts is that their women want to work. Under such a situation, the women will have to do those jobs that they don’t want to do. After performing their duties at the workplace, they will have to be careful and there is no need to show her frustration and unhappiness before the other family members.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Less known facts about Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking the most famous scientist of the century. He is known for his work and his courage. He caught a neurological disease at a very young age. Doctors were not very optimistic about his survival but he survived and not only lived for many years but owned a number of achievement. His is known for many of his distinctive works including; “A Brief History of Time”, “The universe in a Nutshell” and “Black Holes and Baby Universes” etc. 

However there are interesting facts about Stephen hawking that very few people are aware to. A number of these are stated below:

1. A Scholar With Low Grades

Stephen Hawking was believed to be a genius but very few people knew that he was passed with very lower grades in the high school. But instead of lower grades he got admission at Oxford University. Although he had very low grades but his fellows and teachers always believed that there is a genius (Stephen Hawking) living among them.

2. Lack of Interest in Biology

His father was a medical practitioner. He wanted Stephen Hawking to follow him as well. But he lacked interest in biology and medicine. On the contrary he developed interest in Math. He chose Cosmology at a time when very few people knew about the field of Cosmology. He was the person who chose such a field and grant it recognition with his distinguishing work in the field.

3. Player of Rowing Game

Very few people knew that he had been part of rowing team at Oxford. He showed interest in extracurricular activities before he fell ill. He was the coxswain and was supposed to steer the row in the game.

4. Lose a Bet on Black Hole

Very few people know that he once lose a bet to John Preskil the Physicist. Both bated on some information about black hole. He admitted himself that he was the one who lose bet to Mr. Preksil.

5. Never get a Chance to Win Nobel Prize

It is true the Stephen Hawking has crowned many awards but never got an opportunity to win the Nobel Prize. Despite his major contribution to the field of Physics unfortunately he remained deprived of winning Nobel Prize. He was the best seller scientist of his time.

6. Believed in the Existence of Aliens

Stephen Hawking not only believed on the existence of aliens but also predicted that one day they will visit or raid our planet. However he failed in providing any solid proof of his claim about aliens.

7. Worked in Sitcoms

As mentioned earlier that he was interested in extracurricular activities. He has played a supporting role in many sitcoms namely; “Simpsons” and “Star Trek”.

8. Nationality
Stephen Hawking was British by nationality but he talked in American accent. The secret behind was as he was suffering from speech disability. He used a device for speech. That device translated his speech into American accent automatically.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Are You Struggling With The Lack Of Focus And Memory In Writing Assignments? Here Are Tips To Improve Learning And Focus

No one can deny the importance of memory and focus while writing down the assignments. Its reason is that an assignment is written with the help of the unique and original content and if we are lack of the focus and memory skills, then we can’t create unique and original content for our assignments. There are a lot of students who are lack of the focus and memory skills and they place an order for their assignments to the assignment writing services. These impressive focus and memory skills are the most important ways to adopt the prevailing level of knowledge. Here, we will provide some important tips to the students to improve their focus and memory skills in order to create a masterpiece of your assignment. 

Tips to improve your memory while writing an assignment:

If you have a bad memory, then to write an assignment is a real challenge for you. There are a lot of techniques that are adopted by the people in order to improve their memory. Some of them are given below;

1) The best technique that is used by the plenty of students in order to enhance the memory is to remember the different facts with the help of the different associations. These associations allow the students to make a visual of any concept in your mind and memorize it in the form of that visual.

2) Like the facts, you can also memorize the numbers with the help of using the different associations. These associations allow the students to remember different numbers with the help of the different kinds of pictures.

3) Chunking is also an important way to memorize the different things in your mind. The chunking allows the students to divide the things into the different groups in order to memorize them in your mind.

4) There are a lot of students who use the different kinds of the rhymes in order to memorize some basic concepts about the different things.

5) The proper use of the acronyms is also an important way to memorize the different kinds of things.

6) An ancient method Loci is also an amazing way to memorize the different concepts in your mind. If you are going to memorize something with the help of using the Loci method, then you just need to associate the different types of the information with the different places that are easy to memorize for you.

Tips to improve your focus while writing an assignment: 

A set of all the actions that allow the students to maintain your intention on the centre of the interest is known as the focus. The most important tips to improve your focus while writing an assignment are given below;

1) First of all, you should try to define the main goals of your assignment.

2) Secondly, you should try to find out the best ways to motivate yourself.

3) Thirdly, you should try to devise a contingency plan to finalize the assignment writing task.

4) You should try to find out such place for the assignment writing a task that is free from the distractions.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Top 10 Effective Steps for writing a good essay with short deadline

Most of the student feel difficulties to write an essay and especially if they have short deadlines. Today I am going to explain ten effective steps for writing a good essay with short deadline. To write an effective essay and to meet the deadlines, you have to follow these steps.

1 Focus on the deadline

At the first step, you have to keep in mind the deadline because this will help you to set the time to complete your task. I kept this step at first because it will have told you that either you have sufficient time for revisions or not and if you have not sufficient time for revision you need to do it perfectly in your first attempt.

2 Select a topic

This step is very crucial because it determines the quality and quantity of your essay. If university has given you a topic so you have no choice then shift to third step directly but, if teacher did not give any topic so select a topic on the base of research and quality. Select a topic on which you can find sufficient data or any interesting topic but after assuring that you can manage this topic.

3 Goals of essay

At this step you need to identify the goal of your essay because at the next steps you have to start write up of search data according to goals of the essay.

4 Researches

At this step you need to search data for essay through search engine an especial tip to make your essay effective is that you should use authentic sources such as research articles, books or authentic websites such as government web sites or news etc.

5 Start write up

At this step you need to start write up because you have collected all needed information.

6 Introduction paragraphs

In the introduction paragraph you should explain that what you are going to explore and explain in this essay.

7 Body paragraphs

In this step you have to explain the goals which you identify and you need to explain these goals step wise. Write like a professional writer use specific and technical words to make your essay effective.

8 Conclusions

Last paragraph should be written as conclusion like what you conclude from this essay it should written like this essay concludes or this essay concluded don’t use first person on the whole writing pattern.

9 proofs read

At this step you have to proof read you whole essay and to solve the grammatical errors and to see the conceptual issues.

10 submissions

During writing an essay you should keep an eye on the time to meet the deadlines. If you left only five mints so submit your essay and if you have more than 20 mints again read your essay to solve the rest of issues it will make your essay perfect.

So students here I explain ten easy steps to get good grades in essay and ten effective steps for writing a good essay with short deadline.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How to Write Your Dissertation

How to Write Dissertation
As you have an outline for your dissertation, you have a pillar to build a plan for your research and start writing. For writing a dissertation it is not necessary to write chronologically you can write an abstract or introduction at the end when you have sufficient arguments to write. With going through the process you will come to know an easy way for writing by using your outline to put things together in an order. It will not only make easy to write but also give clues to find missing research areas.

Your writing style is very important to communicate your idea effectively to readers. If someone has planned and conducted research well but couldn’t write appropriately then he is failed to express your ideas. But a continuous writing with a conscious and curious thinking can avoid such issues. Even unclear phrases can mislead your readers from your idea to understand something else. Prepare yourself to write two or three drafts that will need refining and editing to sum up all work in a final copy for submission.

Write in Your Style: Before conducting research and writing it down you must have read previous researches where you can choose one as sample. A text that you enjoy to read and same structure the content for your dissertation. It will not only help to find a structure or format for dissertation but also to get good vocabulary and terms for your area of research. But before using these terms must consider that how did previous writers use them for convince of their readers. As a dissertation is a lengthy document so writing sub-headings will be helpful for readers to separate the stages of dissertation.

Avoid the repetition of phrases because at some point it becomes a reason to irritate your reader. You can take help from a dissertation editing service to do so. Find those words or phrases that have already been stated or implied elsewhere in the sentence if there are then and cut them out. For instance, if you write "Many students were reluctant to write a dissertation while others on the other hand did not hesitate", you can also write as like to change it to "Many students were reluctant to a dissertation; others did not hesitate".

Structure Sentences of the Content of Dissertation:
Sentences must be organized and structure with the priority of importance of points that you have discussed in. For providing the weight to key points, give them each sentence of their own. It is a myth that a longer sentence gives a clever sound.Keep it in mind that every word that you use will give a separate meaning to elaborate your idea. That’s why presences of a lot of words in a single sentence can lead to misconception of idea. If there is something necessary to add in a statement then go for a next sentence to support your argument. For this reason you can use connective words or phrases.

Recognizing Ideas of Other Writers in Order to Support Your Idea:
No doubt your dissertation is consisting of your ideas but to support that idea you need to refer to the ideas of other writers on the topic. You must critically evaluate those ideas in your dissertation in order to those problems those have been researched before and those as well who have not been addressed. Ideas of other researchers can be also use as an evidence to support arguments of your dissertation.